Other Projects

Charlotte isn’t the only city with traffic problems.  In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, two affiliates of I-77 Mobility Partners are working with state and local officials through two public-private partnerships to help reduce congestion in the Dallas/Fort Worth corridor and give drivers on such corridors choices about their commute through the use of managed lanes.  

These projects have employed thousands of workers through the use of more than 200 regional and local companies. Both projects opened months ahead of schedule and on budget.

Now, NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners are helping commuters in the Charlotte region by working to reduce congestion on portions of the I-77 highway between Charlotte and Lake Norman through the use of express lanes. Watch the video below to see just how much things changed for drivers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area after the implementation of the projects, and the potential benefits for commuters using portions of I-77.