Project Benefits


The I-77 Express Lanes represents the culmination of decades of commitment, time and vision by public and elected/appointed officials in the five communities in the corridor. 


The express lanes will give you the ability to plan your trip along the corridor with the certainty of time.  It will be a driver's choice to use the I-77 Express Lanes. When it is necessary that you arrive somewhere on time – whether for work, daycare, or other appointments – you will be able to avoid the traffic by paying a toll and using the express lanes. Other times, when there is limited or no traffic, it is your choice to stay on the general purpose lanes free of charge.


The express lanes will greatly improve all of the infrastructure along the I-77 corridor in both the express lanes and general-purpose lanes.  This project will create $648 million in reliable-travel benefits more quickly and economically than any state funding plan currently would have allowed.


During construction between 50 and 100 local firms may work on the project, generating a positive impact on our local economy.   


The I-77 Express Lanes will provide long-term, reliable travel time to drivers along the corridor when the project opens in 2018. Reliable travel time allows you more control of your day to to get from once place to another with assurance.

HOV with 3+

Any passenger vehicle carrying 3 or more people (adults and children) will be able to use the I-77 Express Lanes without paying a toll – as long as they have a NC Quick Pass to identify the vehicle as an HOV 3+. NC Quick Pass transponders will have a switch that drivers can use to indicate that there are 3 or more people in the vehicle while on the express lanes. All NC Quick Pass accounts, including payment information, are managed by the NC Turnpike Authority.


All in-service CATS buses will have access to the I-77 Express Lanes at all hours.  There will be no additional fee to riders while on a bus that uses the express lanes.


Emergency vehicles that are equipped with a transponder will use the I-77 Express Lanes free of charge allowing the vehicles to safely navigate around any traffic backups on I-77 and arriving at emergencies more quickly. 

In the event of an emergency evacuation as declared by the governor, the new express lanes will add greater capacity to the I-77 corridor so that citizens can leave the area safely and quickly.


The I-77 Express Lanes could have a positive effect on air quality in the Charlotte region by improving traffic flow and helping reduce emissions released by slow-moving or idling vehicles.


I-77 Mobility Partners will be responsible for the entire 26-mile corridor from Charlotte to Mooresville. In the contract with the state, I-77 Mobility Partners will address all maintenance needs, operations and traffic incident response in both the general purpose lanes and the express lanes with a high level of customer service and care along the entire corridor.


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